This expert arrangement has started in 2014 when it was decided to gather a group with compatible ideas for the science research. During this time significant results have been achieved in microalgae biomass application and refining topics:

  • Extended a professional contacts network in EU countries, Russia, Ukraine, USA, and South America.
  • Comprehensive research on decarbonization of motorized vehicles has been performed.
  • Invaluable experience in microalgae cultivation in closed photobioreactors and further conversion into the fuel was gained during a long-term internship in the Republic of Chile. The knowledge was additionally expanded in the institute of combustion and unconventional technologies (Ukraine).
  • The first doctor of science technology in Lithuania was prepared on the topic directly linked to biofuel from microalgae application in transport.
  • An analysis of various types of microalgae for the production of biofuel has been performed, where more than 40 projects financed by the European Commission were reviewed in detail.
  • Collaborative investigation was conducted with researchers from Moscow M. V. Lomonosov University and Odessa National University.
  • A technical and economic approval was calculated for a Lithuanian energy company, open pond system for microalgae cultivation was installed in the territory of a power plant with the supply of the CO2 emission from the fume. Such an installation is called a “biological CO2 capture”. Depending on the production volumes, changes in the energy balance was calculated, assessing the impact of synergy processes (the use of wastewater and waste heat, lighting optimization, incineration of residues for energy production, etc.).
  • Scientific results have been frequently presented at leading global scientific conferences Algal Biomass, Biofuels and Bioproducts (USA) and The ASME Internal Combustion Engines Fall Conference (USA), where have received great interest from participants.
  • Research results have been published in such prestigious scientific journals as Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews (the journal is ranked in the first place in the world among all publications in the category of Green Sustainable Science and Technology and seventh in the Energy & Fuels category), Energy (ranks third in the world among all publications in the category of Thermodynamics), Fuel (twentieth place in the world among all publications in the category Engineering, Chemical), etc.