An informal consortium of Lithuanian experts, whose primary aim has been a contribution to the decarbonization of the energy and transport sectors, has been working already for more than 10 years searching for new application niches, at present moment there are still unused universal future bio raw resource – microalgae biomass and the main and secondary products (biofuel, residues) produced from it.

Competencies for business:

  • Calculations of energy flows and synergy of creating processes identification, CO2 biological capture installation into cogeneration power plants incinerating fossil fuel.
  • Installation of pilot units for industrial biomass of microalgae cultivation.
  • Solutions for the decarbonization of diesel generators working in a wide power range and of heavy-duty road transport vehicles.
  • Preparation of feasibility studies, validation of financial and energy indicators, consultation on funds attraction questions.

Competencies for cooperation and new knowledge creation:

  • Broad network of business and university partners in Europe and the world.
  • Opportunity to gather a required competencies team nationwide to conduct science research and ensure an access to laboratory equipment necessary for the implementation of the idea.